Avery and Dad

Tuesday was Matt's first day back at work that Avery and I were alone. It was a good day! I had one goal for the day (other than of course taking care of little Avery) and that was to get the maternity clothes OUT OF MY CLOSET! I obviously still can't fit into my normal clothes - well, I take that back - I can fit into my sweats just fine!! I was perhaps a little hopeful the other day and just wanted to try on my "fat jeans" - nope - couldn't even get them over my hips! Anyway, I did accomplish my one goal of cleaning out my closet, and I even had dinner-on-the-table when Matt got home from work, albiet leftovers from a meal someone had given us. :)

Matt's taking the rest of this week off, and then next week Grandma W will be here (and Grandpa W for a few days), and then we'll REALLY be on our own!

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