More Pics of the Babe!

This was a big week for us! We...
went on 3 walks!
used the sling
went to church AND small group in the same day!
drank out of a bottle

On the third try, Avery liked the sling! I was a little nervous to use it because of the recalls on a particular brand, but she seemed to like it okay - she fell asleep in it anyway!

Then, the tricky part was getting her out of the sling still sleeping... it worked though!

Avery is starting to have more visitors! This is Avery with my friend Jaclyn. Two other neighbors stoppeed by - Diane and Lucy.

Another picture with Grandma!

One last picture with mom.

I took this pic a few mintues ago... time to wake the sleepy baby up to eat!

Speaking of eating... here is a pic of my "nursing station." I have my cell phone, kleenex, breast pads (gotta love these), AVery's brush, blistex, diapers, wipes, etc etc. My mom helped set me up... it's so nice to have everything within reach when I need it.

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