Fall in Clear Lake

A couple of weekends ago, Matt, Avery, and I went to Clear Lake for the weekend.  We spent Thurs night there just the three of us.  On Friday morning, we got all bundled up and went for a walk in the double stroller (Cal, we missed you!) 

Made one of my favorite comfort foods for lunch....
Speaking of lunch... we had some friends up to join us for the rest of the weekend.  Everyone took turns preparing meals.  And yes, Dave just put the apron on for the picture. :)
The girls:
 The guys:
 The girls striking a cheerleader pose.  Let's just say I was never good at jumps... I'm definitely falling over in this picture.
Naked babies!!!
To sum up our weekend, we
1. ate
2. laughed hysterically while playing silly question games
3. stayed up till 2am... fun then, not fun Monday morning! :)  But, worth it!

What a fun weekend, gals (and guys).  Thanks so much for making the trip - we will have to do it again soon!

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