Nealy tagged me in this list of favorites... so, here  we go!

1.  Favorite Flower
I wouldn't classify myself as a "flower person," but I do love hydrangeas.  Our neighbor Lucy gave us some of hers, so I can't wait until next year when they (hopefully) grow!

2.  Favorite Color Combo
This is SO cliche, but I just love black and white.  You can tell by my house, for sure.  I just bought a black-and-white striped turtleneck from Target the other day and wore it both yesterday and today. :) 

3.  Favorite Celebrity Couple
Hmmm... don't really have one!  Boring, I know!

4.  Your Theme Song
As cliche as it is, Amazing Grace.  I sing this to Avery before each of her naps.  Although I've gotten super lazy and have started humming!!  True confessions!!

5.  Favorite "I had a terrible day" Food
Not sure exactly what this means, but yesterday I ate about fifteen monster cookies made with peanut butter M&Ms (yum) and about twenty five Pillsbury refrigerated biscuits that come in the can that taste super yummy but are super not healthy, especially when you eat them warm dipped in butter.  I bought them just because they were *almost free*... won't make that mistake again. :)  Or rather, I probably will! 

6.  Lipstick or Lipgloss
Since I got 5 "free" Nivea "lip moisturizers," they call them, this is going to have to be my new fav!  My goal is to not lose all 5, which I am known to do.  Lipgloss, bobby pins, pencils, pens.... I lose about sixty five a day. 

7.  Favorite Magazine
Lately, One Step Ahead.  I like their baby-proofing stuff, and this kitchen!

8.  Favorite Thing about Fall
Probably the cool-ish but still pleasant weather that is perfect for walks. 

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