An Update

A LOT has happened since Halloween!  Probably the biggest latest development is that this little cutie:

 Was seen kissing this little cutie:

(see proof below)...
Which equalled to our little cutie getting sick!  We are not positive that little Miss Callie was the Culprit, but she is a suspect. :)  Avery was seen tromping around in the snow last week, so this could not have helped things.  :)

This all to say, Avery has been a poor little sick baby for the past week.  It started as a fever (101.4), then turned into a runny nose (and by runny nose, I mean super duper congested), which just this weekend turned into a cough as well.  The Doc said it was just a cold and do keep doing all of the things we have been doing (inclining her crib mattress, sucking out her nose, using a humidifier, etc etc).  The good news is that during the day, for the most parts, she is her happy (okay, and sometimes whiney) little self.  Nights, though - oh my.  Takes me back to the newborn days.  Poor girl just cannot breathe at night.  And we are back to nursing twice a night.  And we are back to pacing around her room to try to get her back to sleep.  And we are back to trying to rock her, but she is too smart for her own good and knows that we are sitting down, so the rocking doesn't last long and soon turns back into pacing. :)  And we are back to Avery sleeping on Daddy's chest (which, admittedly, he loved... until the next day when he was dog tired.  This all to say (I need to find a new transition... am I not a writing teacher?!) we have been barely making it through the days and nights.  Thankfully Cici (aka Grandma R) was here for a large part of it while Matt was away on business.

And Callie, if you did get Avery sick, it's okay. :)  Avery and I still love you sooooooo much.  :)  :)     


Back to Cici.

The day Matt got home from Boston, it snowed.  For the first time this winter.  So, like any good Grandma would do, she suggested we shovel the driveway before Matt got home.  Thankfully the Suburban was covering half of our driveway. :)  But we shoveled the rest with these:
We were cracking up the whole time.  And no, we did not dig a hole while we were at it.
What else is new??

My hubby turned 31!!!  My fam was in town this weekend and we had a little celebration. 
Also this weekend, the guys went to the Vikings game while the girls did some shopping.  Recognize this store?  (sorry - still trying to figure out the cam.  Also, not seen in this pic: Lena!) 

Avery liked Ikea.  I think it was her first time there.  By the way, her new favorite "toy" is a paci.  She does NOT suck it.  She refuses, and has ever since she was a few months old.  But she loves to chomp on them and play with them.  Good thing since I bought about 75 different kinds to see which one would do the trick!
Oh - also while the guys were at the Vikings game, the girls threw together a little surprise shower for my sis (due Dec 26!!). 
Even though Avery did not get to go to the game with the guys, she was there in spirit (as a cheerleader--see t-shirt).

 Last but not least, I'll throw in a couple of picks of Avery with Cici and Papa.

Avery loooooves Papa's mustache! 

It is 8:31... time for my bedtime!! 

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