Thanksgiving 2010

This year was Avery's first Thanksgiving.  She didn't get turkey.  Or mashed potatoes.  Or stuffing.  But she did get her fill of Grandma and Grandpa W and Cici and Papa. 

We started out the weekend on our way to Cedar Rapids to visit Matt's family.  Due to the weather, we ended up staying the night in Rochester.  Avery loved all of the attention from mommy and daddy... it reminded her of Jamaica!  Here's Avery on our hotel bed.  Our night was made complete with Hy-Vee Chinese (a personal favorite of my husband's).

 We made it to Cedar Rapids Thursday morning just in time for a little of this, prepared by Uncle Mike.
 And a little of this prepared by Grandpa W.
Both turkeys were delicious.  In addition to the Greek Cheese Ball, I also made a "Caramel Apple Snickers Salad," which was basically Snickers Apple Salad with the little balls of caramel in it (found near the chocolate chips during fall/winter). 
In the short time we were there, we were able to get a few (not very good) pictures of the girls.  Avery kept her eye on Katie the whole time...

And here's one with all three grandkids!
Thanksgiving afternoon, Matt, Avery, and I went to visit my Grandma Mary Lou (dad's mom):
 And Grandma Phyllis (mom's mom):

Grandma Phyllis has two puppies, and Avery looooved to watch them!  This was Avery's first time meeting her Grandma Phyllis.  I think she had a good time, and we are planning on going back for Christmas for a little bit longer stay. 

We also got a picture with Matt's parents!
Then, Friday afternoon, we headed to Ames.  Our time in Ames involved these little girls both waking up before 6am both days we were there.  Cici got them matching bibs, sippy cups, and plates.  Aren't they adorable?  So anyway, in the morning, Cici fed them breakfast while Nealy and I (and - needless to say?? ;) Matt and Kyle were fast asleep.  One day, I slept in until 9:20.  It was amazing - especially after our two sick weeks. 
 Instead of having another Thanksgiving meal, we had a Czech dinner.  It was delicious.  My favorite was the grated potatoes with milk, egg, and garlic.  Yum. 
 Look at these two nuts!
 We had a fun evening of BINGO!  My mom got lots of little fun prizes. 

What a fun, busy, weekend.  I'm already looking forward to Christmas. 

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