The Good Ol' Years

I was reading a friend's blog yesterday and noticed she had the link on there to my old blog.  I started a blog when Matt and I lived in Wheaton, oh a few months after we were married.  It was SO much fun to look through it and read it.  To be honest, I seemed so much younger.  I think I had a fun energy about me/my writing that I hope is not gone with being a mom. :)  It took me back to the newly-wed years, to our tiny apartment that took about fifteen seconds to clean, to our friends in Chicago, to our church there, to my job...  I wouldn't trade anything in the world for how wonderful it is to be a mom, but boy, those years with just me and Matt were very special.  I remember one of our weekend rituals was blowing up the air mattress, throwing it on our living room floor, and watching a Red Box and then random shows like Trading Spaces until like 1 in the morning.  Good memories!  Plus I ran into a few of my recipes I totally forgot about, such as Potato Ham Casserole and Snickers Ice Cream Dessert.  Yum!  As much as I wanted to start a new, improved blog, I'm so glad I have my old one to look back on.  That, of course, is the main reason I blog now - for me and my family to remember what life was like "way back then."  That and making sure Cici and Grandma get their weekly (monthly?) doses of baby pics!

Anyway, back to live in Chicago.  I came across these pictures the other day, too, of our apartment, and thought I'd post them, for memory's sake, of course.  I'll start with (a blurry) one of my cute husband.  SO many evenings were spend in our apartment chowing down on something delicious with our friends.  We lived in a high rise (18th floor!) and about 5 other couples from our church lived there, too!  They had a promo where if you refer someone, you got a $500 credit, so we milked that one!  Anyway, here you have it!

mandyliz  – (January 24, 2011 at 7:23 PM)  

Those days in Wheaton Center were AWESOME--just the other day I was thinking about how often I would clean good old #1207 because it was so small and easy. I think our units were 740 square feet! Now i hate to clean... : P. I loved our apartment, it was so modern. And it's maybe the only time we'll ever live somewhere with a view of the Chicago skyline. : )


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