Clear Lake in February

Last weekend we spend (part of) the weekend in Clear Lake with Matt's sister and her family. The reason it was PART OF the weekend is because of the snow storm. Saturday night we quickly realized (thanks, Mike!) that we either leave that night or be stranded until Monday morning. We decided to leave early, so we scarfed down our Chicken Parisienne, sweet potatoes, green beans, pina coladas, brownies, hot fudge, and ice cream (I'm full just thinking about all the food we ate!), cleaned the house as fast as we could, and hit the road.  Avery had already gone to bed, but she fell back asleep for most of the car ride home.  I actually kind of liked driving at night... the  munchkin was sleeping, I was sleeping, Matt was driving.  Thanks  honey!  We made it back around 11pm.  The only downsides of leave early were 1) we didn't get to spend as much time with the Willis crew as we wanted and 2) I have tons of black bean burrito soup (intended for lunch on Sunday) that we're trying to eat up this week!! 

Coming home early made the weekend seem super long, which is always nice!  Sunday we took a family trip to Target.  This is for some reason one of my favorite things to do.  Strange, I know.  Here's a shot of my good little shopper:

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