Puerto Vallarta

We are home!!  As much as I love vacations, and as much as I love spending time with family, boy it sure felt good to get home.  Maybe it's just me, but I love to clean my house really well BEFORE we go on vacation.  It's just a good feeling to walk into a clean house.  And then we throw our suitcases and stuff everywhere and it takes us a week to get back to normal. :)  Oh, and I LOVE now to do Fri - Fri vacations.  This is the second time we've done that and although packing is sometimes crammed, it helps me enjoy the end of our vacation more knowing we have a weekend at home when we get back.  Okay, enough about that!  On to the fun stuff. :)

Puerto Vallarta was tons of fun.  Matt's parents vacation there for a few months during the winter, so we went and stayed in their condo for a week with them.  The weather was mid 70s to mid 80s and gorgeous.  Our typical day started with waking up early (thanks to our built-in alarm clock named Avery) then going for a walk along the malacon (the strip along the beach.  I LOVE to go for a walk early in the morning (or any time, for that matter).  We ate some great food and really got to see a lot of the city.  Matt and I got a few baby-free dates to some nice restaurants around town.  Anoter highlight was experiencing a Christian church service there at Grandma W's church.  Anyway, here are a few pictures of our trip:

One of our favorite meals while we were there: Pipis.  Delish!  They made the guac right at your table.
Avery spent lots of time on the balcony counting the cars that drove by and telling each of them "bye bye."  She got really good at waving to EVERYBODY.  Gma and Gpa even thought they heard her SAY bye bye to the cars... hmm!!  We just might have word #2!
Avery spent LOTS of time in the stroller!

I love the look on Avery's face here.  She's such a goof.
Me and the babe in the condo.
We (sadly) only swam once because our pool wasn't heated; our friends' pool was though! :)  So, we spent the afternoon at their resort (the same resort we stayed at last year).  It was a lot of fun but unfortunately that day the front of my legs got fried.  And by fried, I mean you could have cooked an egg on them.  Thankfully now they are better!
I brought a lot of baby food for Avery, but she is definitely aware enough to know that what mommy and daddy are eating looks way better than her pureed green beans; she had fish tacos and steak fajitas to name a few. 
What a fun trip!!

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