Power Outage at the Lake

We spent the fourth, once again, in Clear Lake with my fam.  We got there Friday afternoon, enjoyed a Greek feast complete with appetizers and drinks, and were hanging out on the porch and down on the beach.  Our next door neighbor shouted over that there was going to be a "severe thunderstorm" that evening.  Little did we know that when she said "severe," she meant "SEVERE"!! 

I was the first, other than the girls, to go to bed.  At about 10pm I felt my bed literally shaking fron the wind!  I got up and everybody was heading downstairs.  I got Avery up and all the girls piled into my parents' bed while the boys stood gawking at the storm through the sliding glass doors.  :)  The power outage halfway through the storm didn't stop Callie and Avery from having their first giggly slumber party!  I've never seen them have so much fun together.  I think they were both hyper and excited from all of the commotion and from being woken up in the middle of the night!

Anyway, the girls' playhouse flew over to on our next door neighbor's porch, a few tables and chairs were broken by the wind, and unfortunately my car and my brother's car got hit by limbs. 

Not only did we not have power for 24 hours, but we didn't have running water either!  That didn't stop my mom from cooking a hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner though!  We woke up to hot coffee, spinich souflee, and plum crisp thanks to (1) my mom discovering that the shelter down the street still had power and (2) the roaster!! 

The rest of weekend was beautiful and we spent most of it outside, boating, swimming, tubing, laying out, reading, going for walks, the girls playing in the sand/lake/pool.

This year's fourth of July is one we will not soon forget! :)

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