Minnesota State Fair

This was our third year attending the MN State Fair.  Maybe it's just me, but in Iowa, people didn't go nuts over the fair.  Here, they live for it.  Like, go multiple days.  In a row.  I just couldn't imagine. 

Anyway, we went last night with Nealy, Kyle and the girls, and Kyle's sisters Elyse and Annie and Elyse's fiance, Tom.  BTW, check out their engagment pictures!  I think they are just phenomenal. 

This is the best group shot I got:

Avery had four favorites.  First was the Miracle of Birth center. 

 As cute as this was to watch the little piggies nurse, I like how my sister put it:  I'm glad I don't have that many nipples! ;)

 Avery's next favorite thing was having some of daddy's all-you-can-drink-chocolate-milk.  This is her looking sweet after a big drink. 
 She also enjoyed dancing in the street with her cousin to one of the live bands.  Don't you just love this picture?  They were really going to town.

Last, she loved the freedom to just roam!   

See you next year, State Fair! 

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