Pregnancy #2 Details

We had our first appointment today (12 weeks along!) and heard Baby Waite #2's heart beat today for the first time!  It was so exciting, and quite the relief!  Our official due date is May 16.  (Although I'll be the first to say that those little stinkers show up whenever they please!)  My midwife is awesome--it was so great to see her again. 

Lots of people have asked how I've been feeling.  My symptoms have been almost identical to my first pregnancy--food aversions but hungry as a horse, sensitive to smells, nauseated for most of the day, super duper did-I-by-accident-swallow-two-sleeping-pills tired.  In fact, I was SO tired and SO hungry that at first I was convinced I was carrying twins.  (No worries though--there's just one.)  The good news is by 10 weeks I felt great--except still a little on the tired side.  I manage to get a solid 2-2.5 hour nap in 4-5 days/week (the days I don't work), so I can't complain too much I suppose!  I also helps that Avery has been sleeping in, and I mean sleeping in.  So nice.

People also ask if I think it's a girl or boy, and if we are going to find out.  In answer to the second questions, YES!  In answer to the first, I could go either way on which I'd prefer.  A girl would be nice, just to have two girls close in age, but it would be exciting to have the first Boy Waite and Boy Rebarcak grandbaby. 

A little funny back story.  I first suspected that I was pregnant two days before Labor Day.  We were at the cabin and I woke up, wide awake at 5am, starving and with a splitting headache.  I snuck into the kitchen and made two eggs, fruit, and yogurt, and went back to bed.  When I woke back up at 8:30, I was hungry again and ready for my second breakfast!
We found out for sure that I was pregnant on Labor Day.  We got home from the cabin and I raced upstairs to take a pregnancy test (unbeknownst to my husband).  He thought I could not find out until Wednesday of that week.  Enter Early Detection Pregnancy Tests!  I, you know, did what I was supposed to do and then brushed my teeth while I awaited the results, telling myself to not get my hopes up, that either way is fine, that it's probably negative anway.  Those two minutes were brutal, not to mention the two weeks previous.  I looked at the two little lines, did a little dance, and went downstairs inconspicuously. 
That night I made a cake for Matt--swirled the batter pink and blue and put a big plus sign on the top in blue frosting.  When I brought the cake out to the living room, he was like, "Oh, what's the cross for?" and as I started giggling he finally got it. 

I'll have to post a baby bump picture soon--because I for sure already have a bump!

Kelly Fischer  – (November 1, 2011 at 9:43 AM)  

Yes yes, we want to see a bump!! :) Love reading pregnancy details....never tire of them! Love you guys (and your growing belly!)

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