Our Family Christmas

I've had a special helper in the kitchen lately, who shall remain nameless.  You might recognize her face, though, and her goofy smile. 

Today she helped me make cinnamon rolls (Pioneer Woman's recipe) to eat after we opened presents. She stirred the frosting.
  And sprinkled on the sugar, with help from daddy.
Before: (one wouldn't fit in either of the pans, so I gave it its own. :)  btw, before you run to the kitchen to make these, I quartered PW's recipe)
 After baking:
 Avery likes to help daddy start the fire.  She's a good paper-crumpler.
 For Christmas, she opened a play purse, complete with keys, a cell phone, pretend coins, and powder.  After she opened it and had it on her wrist, she immediately wanted to go "shopping."  (We bought her 3 presents but due to the sheer spoiling by Grandma and Grandpa, we decided to keep the other two for a rainy day / her birthday / when the baby comes.)
 After frosting:
 While eating:
Avery, you are SO much fun.  You are SUCH a handfull most of the time, but your daddy and I couldn't love you more than we do.  You are so sweet, so smart, and so funny. 

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