Avery Turns Two + 2 year photos

My Baby Is Two Today.  TWO!  She is such a fun little person.  She has her own ideas, emotions, preferences... strong preferences, I might add!  She is so funny and so sweet, and her daddy and I couldn't love her more. 

Matt took this morning off and we went to the mall and Avery got to ride the choo-choo train.  (That was her choice of what she wanted to do today!)  She also requested ice cream, but instead we had lunch at Panera and will probably have ice cream with "chotate" tonight. 

We celebrated her birthday this past weekend with family.  Avery is pretty much obsessed with Minnie Mouse so that was an easy theme choice! 

I apologize for the less-than-perfect photos!

 Minnie Mouse = a big oreo and two small ones!  I should have put a bow but forgot!  (Black bottom cupcakes... one of my personal favorites)

Birthday dinner menu = BBQ meatballs, macaroni and cheese, and salad with bacon, tomato, avacado, and ranch. And for appetizer, buffalo chicken dip with Frito scoops, celery, and carrots for dipping.
 Cici got her a Minni Mouse outfit to wear.

Some 2 Year Favorites:
Favorite Color: Blue.  Or yellow.  Or pink.  Or "both." 
Favorite TV Show: Micky Mouse Clubhouse
Favorite Foods:  Noodles (aka Macaroni and Cheese), muffins, ice cream, pizza, and yogurt with honey
Favorite Person:  mommy
Favorite Person if mommy isn't around:  Daddy or Cici or Grandma
Favorite Toy:  her baby with the baby's blanket and bed... that's pretty much all she plays with these days... or the alphabet puzzle
Favorite Word:  "Both"  (Do you want the pink or blue bib?  "Both.")
Favorite Outing:  the mall
Favorite Book:  If you Give a Pig a Party
Favorite way to throw a tantrum: lay down on her tummy and suck her finger and try to make mommy feel sorry for her!
Favorite way to postpone bedtime:  Says she wants to cuddle on the chair... how can I resist that?!
Favorite time of the day: when daddy gets home!  She runs to him and gives him the biggest hug and is excited to tell him about her day/show him what she colored/etc.
Favorite song: ABCs

Here are some great photos Nealy took this week!  It's so nice having a photographer for a sister! :)

 Clara wanted in on the photo taking fun!!
Happy Birthday Sweet Avery!

Nate and Natalie  – (March 29, 2012 at 9:57 PM)  

Happy 2nd Birthday, Avery! By the way, love the pictures Nealy took, they all turned out so good.

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