Yesterday was a momentous day.  I turned 27 (yikes!) AND Matt and I had our first date since Avery was born.  Nealy, Kyle, and Callie came over to watch the baby for us.  We went to an awesome restaurant called Good Earth.  I could have eaten anything on the menu.  It gave me some good dinner ideas (once I start to cook again, that is. :)  Callie wanted in on the picture. :) Notice in the above picutre how quickly I changed into my sweats once we got home!  I'm definitely not used to wearing dresses!!

Here is a picture with our friends Kelly and Lillia when they were in town.  Notice the matching outfits!! 

This is Avery, Lillia, and Elyse.  It was fun to take a "mom walk" with the 6 of us. 

My blog postings are short, I know.  I have only a few minutes until baby is going to wake up!

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