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We had quite an eventful weekend and week so far!  First, our dishwasher leaked a lot - wrecked our kitchen floor, basement ceiling, basement carpet... And, the same day, we had to take little Avery to Urgent Care because she was being super fussy while she ate.  That had been going on a long time, but finally Saturday we realized something had to be wrong.  The doctor diagnosed her with gastroesophegal reflex.  The funny thing, though, is that while we were in the waiting room I was talking to a lady and she said her daughter had the same thing.  She took her to a chriropractor and it helped.  So before I gave Avery the prescription medicine, I called my parents and they drove up just to adjust her.  I still can't believe what good parents and grandparents they are for them to do that... they love little Avery so much!  Above is a pic with them and their two favorite grandbabies!  BTW, Avery's reflux is much, much, much better - thanks Pops!

Last night our good friends Nate and Natalie came over with their daughter Elyse.  They kind of came over for dinner - but they brought the food!  Matt and I have been blown away by the generosity of our friends, neighbors, and family.  I've only cooked dinner twice since Avery was born.   

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