Likes Toys

Avery is starting to like her toys more and more.  The first toy she really liked was the little monkey that hangs down from her gym.  She'll grab its arms and legs and stick them in her mouth.  She also really likes the toy that goes across her carseat - which is a lifesaver for long car rides.  Here is a short video of her in Clear Lake watching one of Gramsie's toys:

Speaking of Clear Lake - Gramsie got matching hot pink Clear Lake t-shirts for Avery and Callie and herself!! :)  Sorry this is a bad picture.  (And no, I didn't get a camera yet... but my flip will let me take "snapshots" of videos.)

Nate and Natalie  – (July 25, 2010 at 1:01 PM)  

Your mom is so cute, matching shirts, how fun.
As for the toys...I always joke that it's the toys that are giving our children ADHD. They are so stimulating, colorful and active. ;)

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