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I've been wanting to take some pictures of our house because it will be fun to look back at our FIRST HOUSE.  I think when Avery's older, she will enjoy seeing where she lived (assuming we don't live here forever!).  We moved into our house a little over a year ago, and we have LOVED it.  The house was built in the 1940s, and story has it the builder built this house to live in with his family.  A few things that sold us on the house were the character, the TWO CAR ATTACHED garage (uncharacteristic of an old home), the master suite (also uncharacteristic of an old home), and the, once again, uncharacteristically large closets.  We especially love our neighbors (I know I say this a ton, but it's true!) and it's nice having about every store you could imagine within a 2 minute drive. 

Our house projects haven't been super extensive.  Probably the biggest ones were painting the woodwork in our living room and dining room white.  We painted pretty much every surface in the house (thanks to the help of the Rebarcaks, Grandma W, and LeAnn and Maddie).  Recently, Matt has been working on a light remodel of our master bath, and let's not forget the dishwasher-overflow 3 weeks after Avery was born. :)  Thanks to our insurance, we are redoing quite a bit of our basement. 

Anyway, here's the tour!  Walk in the front door, there's the living room...

My desk is behind the couch.

Across from the LR is the Dining Room...

Off of the dining room is a little porch.

And let's not forget the swing set!


Bathroom on the main level

Guest Room - girly as ever.  The light in the guest room is probably my fav part of our whole house.  It was one of the first things we bought for the house - we found it at Lowe's for like 40 bucks super clearance!

And last but not least, the nursery - aka Avery's room.

These are only pics of our main level (that's all I could manage to get clean at one time :).  And actually, that's giving myself a lot of credit because my mom just left, and she always leaves our house about 10 times cleaner (and more organized, and better decorated) when she leaves. :) :) :)

And she leaves Avery a lot cleaner!!  (I hadn't brushed her hair in at least a week.... sorry baby!  I guess that's what grandmas are for!)

alan and steph  – (September 3, 2010 at 9:31 PM)  

i love your house!! Thanks for the tour! I was thinking I might do the same thing. It's always fun to see people's homes.

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