Garage Sale

I haven't been to too many garage sales this summer - mainly because we are gone EVERY weekend (almost) and it's a little bit of a hassle to cart Avery around town, and since garage sales are so hit-or-miss, I didn't want to risk it.  While my mom was here, though, we hit up a few and found quite a lot of baby toys! 

This one is her favorite.  She likes to suck on the little nose!  Imagine that!  My mom said she was "proud of me" because I did not disinfect the toys once we got home.  Building her immune system, I guess!  I did, however, lint-roll the dog hair off of one of them. :) 

Did I mention how Avery was scared of gramsie (and everyone!!) last time we were in Clear Lake?  We arrived on a Fri night, and boom, right away my mom, dad, and J were in Avery's face.  She did NOT like that.  She's pretty sensitive and I think she got a little overwhelmed and did the frowny face and would not stop crying.  Even nursing her didn't work, and that usually does it.  For the rest of the evening, when my mom would even LOOK at Avery, TEARS.  All this to say... Avery fell in love with gramsie this trip.  One of the last nights my mom was here, Avery wouldn't even look at me - she just wanted to watch gramsie the whole time!

Okay, one more pic with gramsie. 

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