My Baby's Growing Up

As I mentioned earlier... there is a reason for all of Avery's drool.  Guess who has not one, but TWO TEETH! 

The funny thing is, I didn't even  notice - for days, maybe even weeks!  Turns out Matt was the one to discover her first pearly whites.  I was in the bathroom (TMI, I know) in Clear Lake and I heard Matt say something like, "Avery has teeth!"  But I, of course, thought he was crazy/joking/dreaming/dilusional.  Turns out, Avery was sucking on his finger (she likes to put everything in her mouth!) and Matt noticed it was kind of rough.  I'm actually glad that I didn't know she was "teething," because as Lena put it, I probably would have just "freaked out" as I'm sometimes known to do!  (BTW, sorry this pic isn't very good quality.  I'm still taking "snapshots" of my Flip videos.  :) 

I'm thinking that maybe she's getting her molars in or something because she's doing this thumb-chomping thing lately.   

First comes baby teeth, then comes braces... then comes the baby in the baby carriage!!  Ha ha. 

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