Did you know that twins runs in my family?  My dad was a twin, so sources tell me that there's a good chance that I will have twins.  I used to reeeaaaalllly want twins.  Like, even when we went in for our ultrasound, deep down I was hoping they'd find two little stinkers in there.  No offense to Avery, but I have recently changed my mind.  :)  For those of you who don't know, little babies are a lot - o - work! 

Anyway, turns out I kind of got twins afterall.  See the resemblance?

EVERYBODY AND their mom says that Avery looks just like her daddy.  Who woulda thought?  Maybe next we'll have a boy that looks just like me.  Wouldn't that be strange...  :)  Ave, I think your daddy is mighty-fine-good-lookin', so you are in luck! 

Did I mention that she's laughing and talking more and more? 
What is soooo funny???
And then there are those times when I WANT her to smile, and nope!  Blank stare it is!

nick&abby  – (August 16, 2010 at 11:00 AM)  

she's getting so big!
One thing I do remember from OB rotation is that they said alot of times daughters look like their dad and sons look like their moms.
I totally agree! Isn't that weird, though?
anyway...what fun pics! :)

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