Grandma W and Aunt Kay

The week after my mom left, the other grandma came for a visit!  Grandma W and her sister, Kay, stayed with us for 4 days.  They were intending to just hang out and watch the baby for my first week of classes, but they ended up doing some major projects!  One morning when I was at work, Kay decided she wanted to go out and look at our garden.  She ended up pulling a few weeds.  Well, pulling a few weeds turned into pulling ALL of the weeds in our garden, and that turned into digging up most of our plants and planting a bunch of new ones.  Our almost-86-year-old next door neighbor Lucy let us steal some of her flowers.  It's going to look SO much better next summer!  Anyway, Kay and Mary Ellen worked all day until I MADE them come in for dinner.  We invited Lucy that night for dinner, too.  She had never heard of "enchilladas" or "margaritas."  :)  I warned her that they contained alcohol, but she just thought they were so tasty.  Let's just say that Matt and Mary Ellen had to walk her home!!

Then, the next morning, Matt and I wake up to hear the sisters laughing in the basement.  I figured they went down there so they wouldn't wake us, but when I walked downstairs, they were in the pjs painting!!  We've been needing to paint our basement since we moved in and just never got around do it, so a BIG thank you to Grandma W and Aunt Kay for all of the unexpected hard work you put into our house!!

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