Our Saturday

For the record, this was LAST Saturday that I wrote this! 

Today was such a fun Saturday.  Avery got up at 7:15, but I was sooooo tired from being out until after 11pm last night that I quick fed her then put her out in the living room on a blanket with some toys and went back to bed. :)  She was within earshot, so once she started whining at about 7:45, Matt said he'd go out and take care of her while I went back to sleep.  I got to sleep for another hour or so - heavenly! 

For breakfast I made chocoalte chip pancakes (yum!  first time since I was prego!), then we all got ready to go to the Gophers game with Nealy, Kyle, and Callie.  This was Avery's first football game, and I think she liked it!  She likes to look around, she looooves being outside, and she looooooooooves when daddy carries her in the baby bjorn, so today was a good day for her. :)  The only part she didn't like is when daddy yelled after a touchdown (she got scared!)

We got home, Avery took a marathon nap, I made taco pizza (more to come on that later), and then I came into the living room to see this...

According to daddy, "It's okay if she watches football."  :)    

Ashley  – (September 19, 2010 at 1:26 PM)  

I always tell my hubby that our girl shouldn't be watching TV. He said he can handle that, except for sports. She gets to watch sports :o) I said ok just because they look so cute on the couch!

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