Avery - 18 months

My baby is almost 18 months!!  I guess she's technically a toddler, but who's counting?!  I think she'll be my "baby" until we have another baby.  Then again, I think she will always hold that spot in my heart as My First Baby.


A few random things to tell...

- We have been working on "obeying Mommy and Daddy" --especially when we ask her to come here.  Usually it goes something like this:
"Avery, mommy says come here."
"Noooo-ooooo," in whiney voice.
"Are you going to be a good girl?"
HUGE grin and runs towards me as I sing her praises.  I don't know if it's good or bad, but the first time she never does what we say, but when we say the magic words "Are you going to be a good girl," she ALWAYS does it. 

- She likes cheese.  And bananas.  And snacks in general.  About 5 times a day (or more) she'll say, in a super whiney voice with the most concerned look on her face,  "I want cheese.  I want cheese.  I want banana.  I want banana.  I want snaaaaack.  I want snaaaaack."  (Sounds like "Uhh-cheeees, Uhhh-nana, Uhhh-nnnaaaaaa.) 

-  She likes to push things: toy lawnmower, stroller, her little cart. Her other favorite "toy" is books. 

-  Does NOT like when mom's not within eye sight.  She's been doing better in the nursery though.  She'll scream bloody murder at first, but she's usually happy by the time I pick her up.

- LOVES my phone.  I always swore I'd not be one of those parents who let their kid play with their phone or remote!  Oops!  Any time she sees it, she has to have it, which is one of the reasons why I haven't taken a ton of pictures lately!

- One of the reasons she likes to talk on my phone is to Facetime with Cici and Papa.  I usually whip out Facetime around 4:45 as we enter the final stretch before daddy gets home.  After we talk to Cici and Papa, she can't stop talking about them for a couple of days.  Like, this morning I asked her if she wanted to know what we were going to do today, and she said, "Cici!  Papa!"  It was cute.

-I also thought I wouldn't let my kid watch TV until they were 15. :)  Needless to say, we didn't quite make it to that goal.  Occasionally at our house, we will watch "Elmo" (aka good old fashioned Sesame Street).   She loves Elmo. What is it about that guy?!?! I can hardly take it when she says "Zoey." It's SO DARN CUTE!!!

Well, that's all I got for now! 

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