Dubuque Weekend

We had a great time this weekend in Dubuque visiting Matt's sister and her family and grandma and grandpa W. 

Avery is not a great car sleeper unless it's bedtime.  Thankfully we had Cici with us for the first three hours, and then the second two Avery slept.  There is almost nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!!

 Avery and her cousin Katie spent some time holding hands.  Isn't it precious??

 This was the first time we stayed in a hotel while visiting.  The pool was definitely a perk!
 We visited a pumpkin farm, among other things.  This is the pumpkin Avery picked out. 
 They had animals.
 Avery fed the (goat? sheep?) once and wouldn't do it again!
 Avery's personal highlight, other than seeing her cousins, aunt, uncle, gma and gpa, was jumping in the blow-up thing with daddy!  She did not want to get out. 

Thanks for the fun weekend guys! 

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