25 Week Belly Shot

Only 15 weeks to go!  (or less... or more... but hopefully less!)  15 weeks seems like nothin', but 3 1/2 months kind of seems like forever.  I have a feeling though that time will fly as I try to keep up with Avery. 

We are still working on a name.  I liked the name Avery ever since college, and Matt agreed to it right away, so we never considered other girl names for her.  We have the list narrowed to 2-3 names, but none of them have clicked with us yet.

I really have no idea if Avery "gets it" that she is having a sister.  I think it helps that the baby now has a ROOM and a BED, and even some clothes and shoes to show her.  I've been getting lots of big sister books, and even one from the library that shows inside the mommy's belly (complete with a "Push! Push! Push!" page where the baby comes out... ugh, don't remind me! :).  Avery will sometimes put stickers on the baby, sing to her, and this morning she tried to put some little shoes on my tummy.  Avery is definitely on the "needy" end of the continuum I'd say--she still likes me to hold her a lot and enjoys being constantly entertained, so we will have our work cut out for us come mid-May.  HOWEVER, on the bright side, this little girl and her sister came over yesterday...
.. and I will say it was MUCH EASIER watching ALL THREE of them than it is just hanging out with Avery.  The day Avery and Baby #2 can play together will be a GOOD DAY!

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