Disney 2011

This has been on my To-Do List for far too long!!  Here are a few pictures from our AWESOME Rebarcak family Orlando/Disney Christmas 2011 Trip!!  (complements of my iPhone... sorry--I'll get a nice camera one of these days...)

 Avery's favorite ride--the carousel.

 The worst part of the trip for Avery--too much time in an umbrella stroller! 
 Early morning (matching Minnie Mouse) pajama partys with Cici!

 Avery is liking the water more and more! 
 Spent a day at Epcot.

 And a day at Magic Kingdom.  I don't know if you can see Avery's face, but from afar, she was goo-goo over Minnie.  Up close though was a different story!

THANKS Cici and Papa for the fun trip! 

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