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Ever since Avery was about a month old, she has liked watching TV.  You don't understand how ironic this is because I pretty much hate  TV (or rather I don't like just having the TV on for background noise, or flipping through to see what's on, or watching it when we could be talking - just ask my husband. :)  I'm not against TV totally - I watch a few shows here and there, but for some reason most of the time I can't stand when it's on. 

I have to admit though - I'd say about half of the time when I nurse Avery, I sit on the couch and do turn on Food Network or HGTV or something.  But anyway, guess what Avery does now??  When I set her on my lap to pull my shirt up or whatever, she turns her head toward the TV!  I laugh every time. 

Today was the first day I "let" her "watch TV" and it was solely for the purpose of creating this video. :)  I do have to say, though, it will be tempting one day to plop her in front of the tube so I can  fill in the blank - take a shower, fix dinner, clean up the kitchen.     Maybe I'll have to get some of those Baby Einstein DVDs or something. :) :) 

Okay, so here's the video!!  She is enthralled!!! 

alan and steph  – (July 23, 2010 at 7:31 PM)  

this is hilarious!!! Nora is also enamored with the TV (gasp)

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